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designbuild ::

spoleto festival viewing platform

When the Halsey Institure of Contemporary Art contacted the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston with a design problem, the design-build studio was ecstatic.  The gallery curator, Mark Sloan, needed a viewing platform for a unique artist whose work would be on display for the duration of Spoleto Festival, America’s premier festival for the performing arts.  This unique artist would use the floor as his canvas and salt as his “paint.” 

Samuel Fuller | Linnea Granquist | Minji Kim Elise Little  Chris Pierson | Madison Rice | Caitlin Seamen | Jeff Treitz | Adam Windham | Artemiy Zheltov

sustainabledesign ::

net zero energy house

Topics in Technology: Zero Energy House is a collaborative, research-based graduate course at Clemson University that combines students from both the School of Architecture and the College of Engineering and Science.   This unique opportunity gave the students a chance to design a house in which the design influences the building systems and in turn, the building systems influence the design. 


Lauren Boulier | Sara Cheikelard | Patrick Daffin  Elise Little | Snowil Lopes | Christopher Paris Frederick Paige Samuel Pruitt | Tripp Shealy Snowil Lopes

computationaldesign ::

structural folding techniques

This compilation of computational work is the result of a four day workshop at Tex-Fab, a digital fabrication conference in Arlington, TX.  This iterative process (whether parametric or analog in nature) allowed its participants to continually produce and test, creating a continuous feedback loop in the study of structural forms.

The original motif and its development are my sole production, while the development of the “portion of the motif” (i.e. the last two iterations)  is the result of a design partnership with Minji Kim.

informationgraphics ::

visual representation of data

The following images are a sampling of the graphics used to display research in schematic presentations.  The research for the graphics and the creation of the graphics themselves were produced individually.  

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